Linux Distributions Roadmaps

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When are new versions of major Linux distributions coming out? What is their release roadmap? When are betas due?  With this post we’ll give you a constantly updated visual overview of the release cycles of all the major Linux distributions and their development progress.

Out now!

Recently released: MX-Linux 19.4

Recently released: deepin 20.2 

Coming soon within the next month

The next major releases to be expected are from Fedora and Ubuntu.

Fedora 34 is due end of April. Their beta is already out and it comes with the shiny new Gnome 40. You can download the beta from here.

Ubuntu 21.04 is due for April 22nd. The beta is out now. This is a regular short term support release and it will still ship with Gnome 3.38. The next LTS isn’t due for another year.

Coming in the next 2 to 3 months

openSUSE is currently in beta for the Leap 15.3 release so the final 15.3 should not be too far out. You can download the beta from here. We also expect Zorin OS to be close to finalizing their version 16 release. Update: The Beta is out!

Say hello to Zorin OS 16, our most advanced release ever. Test the Beta today


Coming later

Debian is edging closer to their next major release: Version 11, code named “bullseye”. They just recently released version 10.9. Hard on the heels is MX-Linux that is based on Debian. Developers at elementary OS have been teasing us with snippets of their version 6 release. We still have no firm date but expect to see it later this year.

Due to their nature, rolling release distributions are absent from the roadmap. Would you like to see us follow other distributions as well? Let us know which one to follow. We plan to add more but wish to limit the list to the major ones.

Keep checking this post for updates!




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