Summer Sale on GOG Games Store

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Play Time!

“Good Old Games” is running it’s Summer Sale from 27.May to 15.June with huge discounts of up to 95% off.

Unlike Steam, games you purchase at GOG are DRM free and can be run without a client a la Steam.

You can sort through the games to show only offers for Linux:

You can get “Stellaris” for example at a 75% discount for just $3.18 . But as with all Paradox games you will need to add DLC’s for enhanced game play. These are also heavily discounted at around 50% off regular price.

It is always a good idea to read through the reviews before you buy a game. Some reviewers complained that development of Stellaris under Linux was slow or even halted so take that into consideration.

The biggest problem with these sales is you probably wind up with another game you’ll never find time to play. Sometimes I long for the student days playing a game for hours and days, only interrupted by quick visits to the loo and fridge 🙂



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