Ubuntu 21.04 beta Out Now!

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Ubuntu 21.04 and flavors kick-off beta testing today! This is the only beta before the final release on April 22nd. If you want to join the testing effort, you can download the beta here.

Ubuntu uses Launchpad for bug reporting. Check-out their guidelines here.

The best way to help is to download a beta ISO of your favorite distro and test it with software you use regularly. Any bugs or regressions should then be reported. Do make sure there is no open bug report already.

There are no less than 7 additional official Ubuntu flavors out there:

  1. Kubuntu
  2. Lubuntu
  3. Ubuntu Budgie
  4. Ubuntu Kylin
  5. Ubuntu Mate
  6. Ubuntu Studio
  7. Xubuntu

In addition to the official flavors there are also a number of non-official flavors waiting to join the family. Generally described as Ubuntu Remixes, these usually trail behind the official flavors. They are mostly maintained with reduced manpower – some even by a single developer. These do not follow the same time line and usually bring out their finished ISOs after the official Ubuntu has been released. Remixes include:

  • Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix
  • Ubuntu DDE Remix with the deepin desktop environment
  • Ubuntu Unity Remix
  • Ubuntu Web Remix a new more browser focused release

Ubuntu always assigns code names to every release and 21.04 is no different. It always consists of two parts, one adjective and one animal. Our latest Ubuntu creature is Hirsute Hippo which is a funky way to say hairy hippo. And yes, it is hairy alright! My favorite will probably be forever Disco Dingo. Let me know in the comments which wallpaper is your favorite!

This hairy hippo is out now on a beta leash!

Do you plan to check-out any of the betas? If you do, let us know what your experience was like in the comments.




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